How Tosca’s Expansive RPC Network Powers Efficient Supply Chains


Tosca officially opened its newest service center in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday, June 12th; the organization’s 14th service center nationwide. Not only does Tosca offer the most robust container portfolio, the extensive wash center infrastructure allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers.  “Speed of response, reduced freight, and outstanding service are just a few of the benefits that our network provides for our customers” says Eric Frank, president and CEO of Tosca.  The latest expansion furthers Tosca’s position as the premier reusable plastic container (RPC) service provider in the country.

What does this latest service center opening mean for current and prospective customers? A great deal, as it turns out. For a pooled container business like Tosca, infrastructure is a critical component to an efficient and effective supply chain.  Reusable containers must be readily available to support an unexpected harvest or an increase in demand, and must provide confidence to customers these containers are cleaned in accordance with food safety standards.

Our RPC Network: Speed and Flexibility When Customers Need it Most

Because of Tosca’s approach to position service centers in close proximity to point the of demand, we are able to offer both national and regional retailers exceptional response time while significantly reducing freight costs and time in transit.

Whether it’s a tight loop, a retailer looking to expand use of reusables in a new product line, or product is moving across the country to meet demand, when the container is ready to be processed, there is a Tosca service center nearby. This infrastructure eliminates unnecessary transportation and fuel consumption, reducing time and cost for our customers.  If a container can be serviced at any location, then it is quickly ready to start another cycle instead of spending time in transit to get to a service location.

Additionally, as our customer base has grown and their needs have evolved – we’ve been able to react quickly because of our network.

“Tosca customers are able to respond to their retail partners in a timely manner because service centers are nearby,” says Mike Wasson, Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations at Tosca. “The Omaha location was built and designed specifically to support a new relationship with a national retailer for the shipping of case-ready meat,” continues Wasson. “By adding new service centers to our network, we’re creating more efficient supply chains and support for our customers, saving them both time and money.”

The Tosca Difference

In addition to an extensive network, there are also many ways in which Tosca differentiates itself from competitors; the organization is committed to operating all facilities in accordance with ISO 22000 food safety standards. This ensures all RPCs in the Tosca network are handled and cleaned in a high-quality, consistent, and – most importantly – food safe environment. Competitors in the industry have fewer wash sites which may lead to: a less efficient network, longer transportation times, and a slower turnaround with the RPCs themselves.

Our Competitive Advantage

Recent research from Kurt Salmon, a leading global management and consulting firm, indicates Tosca’s extensive service center network is more responsive, consistent and competitive than other key vendors in the RPC industry. Additionally, keeping all service centers under the Tosca umbrella ensures our customers won’t contend with the operational differences, inconsistent outcomes, and hassles caused by third-party management.

Research proves RPC customers value highly distributed service locations for shorter cycle times, increased availability, and lower costs. Since Tosca started servicing reusables, it has worked tirelessly to create the most optimized service center network in the industry. An efficient supply chain benefits our customers and more importantly – their customers.


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