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When talking about people, labeling is rarely a good thing. Assigning a label to a person confines them to the stereotype associated with the label, and those preconceived notions not only misinterpret who a person is, but can get in the way of an individual’s ability to grow and function in society.

The 4 Biggest Reasons Why Proper Labeling is Important to the Supply Chain

When it comes to the perishable food supply chain, labeling is not only a good thing, it’s critical. Below are four of the biggest reasons “why”:

  1. Proper labeling helps suppliers communicate important product information to retailers, such as product description and sell by dates.
  2. Labeling allows all parties to track product through the supply chain to make sure it gets where it’s intended to go. Labels ensure the food that reaches consumers meets regulatory standards for safety, freshness and transparency.
  3. When labels go missing or become unreadable, grocery operators lose money. For example, if the expiration date on a label is unreadable, or the label is lost, a retailer’s only recourse might be to sell the product at a steep markdown or mark it as unsaleable resulting in lost revenue.
  4. Labeling information also comes into play in the case of product recalls, which is an issue of consumer safety!

The Recommended RPC Labels for Tosca Containers

Given the vital nature of good labeling, it’s no surprise when a customer is transitioning to reusable containers that we often hear questions about how labels work with RPCs and if they will adhere at every step in the supply chain.

Tosca RPCs have designated areas for adhesive labels to be applied.  The RPCs also have dimples to ensure approved RPC labels can be removed after each use. Our organization also recommends customers use plasticized labels, which do a superior job of adhering to RPCs while allowing for easy cleanup when RPCs go through our wash centers.

In contrast, paper labels rarely come off RPCs cleanly; adhesive often gets left behind and must be manually removed. When that happens, delays and incremental costs occur in the supply chain.

Ironically, paper labels are also at a higher risk of falling off or being damaged beyond readability when exposed to influences like moisture. If a package of protein sweats or leaks, paper labels might not be able to stay in place and retain readability. Plasticized labels are inherently moisture resistant; plus, they’re less likely to tear or be cut.

Benefits to Tosca’s RPC Labeling Procedure

At Tosca, we understand each retailer is different, and has different needs when it comes to labeling product. As such, our containers were designed to be truly reusable and keep one-way corrugated packaging out of the supply chain. This commitment to sustainability requires a few small sacrifices, such as using plastic labels vs. paper, but Tosca is here to help our customers seamlessly navigate the transition from corrugated to reusables.

First, we have three plasticized label providers we recommend to customers for eggs, produce and protein so our customers can easily access the labels they need. We’ve vetted the suppliers for you to help ensure you have access to the highest quality and best performing labels available.

Second, plasticized labels are not inferior to paper in any way: they hold all the required information, stay in place on the portion of the RPC specifically designed for label display, and leave no adhesive residue behind when processed in a wash center.

Third, our cleaning process is ISO 22000 food safety certification compliant and is designed to clean labels off in an efficient and food safe way. It is important that there is no adhesive left behind for potential contamination.

Finally, when customers use plasticized labels, we’re able to turnaround RPCs in the right amount of time, which lowers expense overall, lessens inventory complications due to delays, and saves our suppliers time when delivering the RPCs back to them.

The right label creates benefits for everyone in the supply chain. If you’re ready to make the switch to RPCs, Tosca is poised to make the process as easy as possible.

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