Meat and Produce are Vital to Your Brand

meat and produce

Everyone knows that variety’s the spice of life. But when it comes to the major grocery items that affect the perception of your brand, research strongly suggests that your consumers are meat and potato folks. Or to put in broader terms – meat and produce people.

When grocers were asked which department was most influential to consumers in driving their stores’ overall brand, image or point of differentiation, case ready meat and produce tied for first place at a whopping 21 percent each.

Looks (and Quality) of Meat and Produce Matter

But don’t confuse meat and potatoes with plain and ordinary. Consumers have higher standards than ever when it comes how they make those purchases, and we’ve seen some trends worth taking note of:

  • Product quality is more important than ever; consumers are demanding more transparency of product quality and freshness to accurately judge value.
  • Appearance follows quality as the most important attribute for influencing purchasing decisions.
  • Consumers are taking notice of organic packaging claims – and researching them. (In fact, products with organic packaging claims grew by 4.8% from to 2016-17!)
  • Shoppers continue to embrace manufacturer and private brands.

Produce Is A Big Producer At The Cash Register

As important as the meat department is to sales growth, it’s not the fastest-growing department. That honor belongs to produce. In fact, produce drives more traffic than any other department. Accordingly, these are the top factors that influence fresh fruit and vegetable purchases in the United States:

  • Eye-catching displays (58%)
  • Great promotions (37%)
  • Sampling (31%)
  • Recipe/serving ideas (28%)
  • Nutrition callouts (27%)
  • Product information (origin, history) (16%)
  • Grower/brand (6%)

Notice the pattern here? Quality matters, and so does appearance/packaging. But consumers also want to know the history behind each product—from farm to shelf. And the number one factor? Freshness, of course. (That almost goes without saying.)

Protect Your Precious Perishables With Tosca

So – your brand depends on getting fresh meats and produce to your store unblemished and safe. What kind of container do you trust to get them through the supply chain? Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) are undoubtedly the best solution. Greater structural integrity makes Tosca RPCs stronger and easier to handle than other packaging alternatives. And because they’re smart-stacking and will hold up in transit, there’s less chance for damage – in fact, our retail partners have found that Tosca RPCs reduce food damage by up to 50% over one-way packaging. Plus, their strategically ventilated design cools more efficiently, to seal in that perfect level of freshness even faster.

You want meats and produce that catch the consumer’s eye? You want tantalizing produce that sells? Don’t take chances. Take care – with RPCs.

Find out more about the Tosca reusable revolution today.

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