The value of Tosca egg RPCs in reducing egg costs

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Eggs are a foundational item in any grocery store, but they’re also one of the most fragile and labor intensive because of their high sales volume.

For most grocers, the challenges of eggs are two-fold.

First, they are often packaged in cardboard boxes that can be easily damaged in transport,before the product can even reach the shelf. Second, they require a significant amount of labor hours to manage the category whether that includes re-stocking shelves to make product available, rotating inventory, cleaning up messes on the shelves or in the backroom, or processing out damaged product.

Yet, despite these challenges, eggs remain an important item in any grocery store. So how do you protect the benefits of this grocery store staple while minimizing waste – product, packaging and labor waste?

Last year Tosca partnered with one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers to study how our egg reusable plastic container (RPC) affected shrink and labor in the supply chain. We shipped more than 100,000 reusable plastic containers over a three month period working closely with the supplier, distribution center and retail locations.

The result?

The retailer saw a 50 percent reduction in shrink thanks to the protection offered by the durable shipping containers. Additionally, when the RPC was used as a retail ready container by simply dropping the front wall – there were significant store labor savings because the time intensive handstacking method was eliminated.

Not only are there shrink and labor savings with RPCs, but there is also an additional environmental benefit by reducing corrugated packaging from even entering the supply chain.  1.5lbs of corrugated packaging is eliminated for every RPC used.

Reduced shrink, labor, and packaging waste all because of a better packaging selection.  Could Tosca’s egg RPC have the same benefit on your grocery business? Contact us today to learn more about this innovative container and the opportunity to pilot it in your supply chain. Looks like the all-important egg just got even better.

To calculate real costs and labor savings associated with using Tosca RPCs, click here to use our Impact Calculator.

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