Take Egg-stra Care This Holiday Season

holiday egg sales

‘Tis the season for baking – and that means eggs, eggs, eggs. From Thanksgiving through the end of December, families are busy baking pumpkin pies, Christmas cookies and everything in between – which means that holiday egg sales are about to skyrocket.

Did you know?…

  • More than 7.9 billion eggs are consumed during the holiday season from November through December
  • The demand for eggs during the holidays increases (on average) 1.5% each year
  • More eggs are purchased during this time than at Easter
  • Egg consumption (per year) will soon reach 261 eggs per person, a growth of a dozen eggs per person in the last five years

Of course, with greater demand comes higher prices.  This is reflected in the fact that just last year, demand for eggs was highest during the holidays (you’d think Easter, but alas, no), while inventory struggled to keep up. This year should be no different.

So yay for eggs!  But woe to the supplier who doesn’t take eggs-traordinary caution in protecting their valuable egg shipments throughout the supply chain. That’s where Tosca comes in.

Tosca’s Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) protect your goods through the bumps (or worse) of the supply chain.  We’re market leaders in the egg RPC market, and for good reason.

Our egg RPCs offer:

  1. Exceptional product protection reduces shrink by a whopping 50%.
  2. Enhanced ventilation cools eggs to 45°F in 1 day vs. 5 in corrugated boxes. Faster cooling =  fresher eggs.
  3. Reinforced latching improves durability and handling
  4. Sliding guide rails ensure smooth stacking and easier handling
  5. Ergonomic handles provide hassle-free transport

To protect your eggs and delight your customers when they’re purchasing their holiday eggs, consider Tosca RPCs for an egg-ceptional supply chain.

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