5 Fast Facts That You Didn’t Know About Reusable Plastic Containers (But Should)

Reusable Plastic Containers

Think of the supply chain as a hot, bumpy road, filled with pot holes. Now imagine that you have to get your perishables down that road to your store – fresh and unblemished.  Suddenly, the container that holds your product becomes crucial. It’s the last line of defense against conditions that are beyond your control. The question is – which is the best container to do the job? We think the answer’s pretty clear: Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs). Here’s why:

#1: Reusable Plastic Containers are built tough

Polypropylene impact copolymer – say that three times fast! That’s the main material in RPCs. It’s tough and flexible, providing the ultimate protection for product inside. And because it’s lightweight, it helps to reduce the overall weight of a load when stacked. Would you sleep better knowing your perishables are protected by anything less – like cardboard? Of course not.

#2: Reusable Plastic Containers save space

Because of the inherent durability of the container, RPCs can stack to a height of 96” – optimizing your freight. That’s especially important now, with a heated economy sending freight costs soaring. Last year, shipment volumes rose by 11.9%, resulting in a 15.6% increase on freight spend. And those soaring prices don’t seem to be going anywhere – so it’s important to get the most out of each and every shipment.

#3: Reusable Plastic Containers save labor

RPCs are also designed to reduce your labor costs. Because they function not only as transport packaging but can go directly to shelf, they reduce labor hours that would otherwise be required to hand-stack product or rotate merchandise. This time can then be spent with customers or in other departments as needed. RPCs also have handles which make them easier to move, as well as tabs and secure latches that ensure superior stacking integrity. Less accidents means fewer messes – and fewer workers needed to clean them up.

#4: Reusable Plastic Containers give you less shrink – and more attractive perishables

There’s less damage and less shrink with RPCs. With enhanced ventilation, perishables in RPCs cool down much faster than when they’re shipped in corrugated boxes. So when products arrive on your display shelves, they’ll look more appetizing to your customers – allowing you to move product more quickly and maximize profits.

#5: Reusable Plastic Containers allow you to eliminate waste – rather than manage it

When you use RPCs, you’ll see fewer trips to the baler. Actually, make that NO trips to the baler.  Remember – the ‘R’ in RPC stands for “Reusable”.  Unlike disposing of corrugated cardboard boxes, RPCs eliminate waste in the supply chain rather than managing it. And what does that “management” look like with corrugated boxes?

See? Eliminating waste isn’t just good for business. It’s good for the planet, too.

We know your job is challenging. That’s why we designed an RPC that not only meets those challenges, but also helps you prosper. Tough RPCs reduce damage from accidents. Lightweight RPCs allow more efficient stacking. Well-ventilated RPCs help your perishables cool down faster – resulting in less shrink. Reusable containers give you the ability to eliminate waste. See? Tosca makes the journey through the supply chain a much smoother ride.

RPCs mean better business for you. Check out our video.


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